New update for Descent: Underground celebrates GOG release

Descent: Underground's Avalanche Rumbles Towards

New update for Descent: Underground celebrates GOG release

Austin, Texas – December 21, 2016

Descendent Studios, celebrates the release of Descent: Underground with a fresh build for all users with new gameplay such as radar-expanding Sentinel Orbs, energy transfer, and more! Codenamed “Avalanche”, the patch also includes several seasonal asset changes for the holidays.

“We’re very happy to bring Descent: Underground to the millions of great gamers who play on GOG,” said Descendent CEO Eric “Wingman” Peterson. “The team at has been very helpful and we welcome them to join us in the mines.”

This release also adds deployable Scramblers to jam enemy radar, a tool that lets the “Warlock” engineer ship siphon energy from enemies and give it to team members, and many other improvements to the player experience. More information is available in the patch notes. officially launches their Descent: Underground storefront at 9:00am EST (14:00 UTC) and players can expect a substantial discount off the final retail price. The Early Access version of Descent: Underground is on sale through the holidays for 50% off at and the official website. It is also available at other online resellers.

As a game in development, Descendent frequently updates the game to add new features and gameplay, as with this release. The game already features a number of multiplayer competitive and cooperative game modes, among them a hoard-style “Corporate War” team mode, a horde-style “Survival” mode, and a tongue-in-cheek capture-the-flag mode called “Miner Mayhem”. Single-player “Survival” and “Vs. Bots” modes allow offline play in advance of the upcoming storyline campaign.

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