New Trailer for Pokémon Gen 4 Remakes with HMs

A new trailer has come out for the upcoming Pokémon remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. It shows the Pokétch, hidden moves, characters, and more. These much anticipated games will be released on November 19th this year.

New Trailer for Pokémon Gen 4 Remakes with HMs

A new trailer for the upcoming remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, was dropped on The Official Pokémon YouTube channel. These much anticipated games are scheduled to release on November 19th.

Hidden Moves

This trailer provides a peek of how “hidden moves” or “HMs” will work in these games. This subject is controversial among players because the need to be able to use HMs was a bit of a nuisance in past Pokémon games. Prior to Generation 7, players would need to be able to use HMs to advance in the game. Only certain Pokémon can use HMs, so players would have structure their teams based on what Pokémon can use each HM. 

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Game Freak started using more practical systems to replace HMs in Generation 7, which was a welcome change. For example, the Rotom Bike in Sword and Shield. However, since Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are remakes of games that had HMs, players were concerned about them being brought back. 

From the trailer, players can get some idea of how HMs will be used in the remakes. They are there, but the mechanic has been modernized. There’s a new app in the Pokétch for HMs, which is shown 39 seconds into the trailer. From the app, the player selects an HM, then a wild Pokémon arrives to use it. This is a very welcome overhaul to a primitive game mechanic.


This trailer also provides a glimpse at some characters. The player first meets Cheryl in Eterna Forest and can encounter her again in the Battle Tower. She’s shown in a green dress to match her braided green hair. 

Next up is Riley, a secretive fellow who wears a blue sports coat along with a matching hat, which he slants to cover his right eye. Players will remember him as the man who helps them through Iron Island then gives them an egg, which hatches into a Riolu.

The last character shown is Eterna City’s gym leader, Gardenia. She is a Grass Type trainer who wears hiking clothes to go with her rugged personality.

This new trailer for the Gen 4 Pokémon remakes is a nice taste of the games as their release draws near. November 19th is just under two months away, so the wait is almost over. This fall, Pokémon fans around the world will go on a nostalgic journey through the Sinnoh Region!


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