New Tomb Raider Connected Universe in Development

A new report suggests that Amazon has multi-media plans for the Tomb Raider franchise, as ownership changes hands once again. These plans include a new game, the already announced TV series, and a new feature film. The deal is also reported to be Amazon's largest financial project after The Lord of the Rings.

New Tomb Raider Connected Universe in DevelopmentAmazon is reportedly developing a multi-media universe around the Tomb Raider franchise. This follows a report that Amazon has purchased the rights to the Tomb Raider IP for ‘600 million’. This will make Tomb Raider Amazon’s largest commitment since its $250 million purchase of The Lord of the Rings‘ rights.

The company’s plans involve a connected universe – similar to the MCU. This will consist of a new game, a new TV series, and a new feature film. The new game was announced in April 2022 by developers Crystal Dynamics. In December 2022, Amazon studios announced they will be publishing the new game, however, the project has yet to be given a working title or release date.

Amazon has reportedly partnered with dj2 Entertainment to bring the tv series and feature film to life. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, writer of the critically acclaimed show Fleabag, will be writing the new TV show, following her own renewed deal with Amazon. Very little information has been released about the new feature film. Although, it is most likely a fresh reboot rather than a continuation of any previous film. This is due to Alicia Vikander, star of 2018’s Tomb Raider, stepping down from the role after rights changed hands in May 2022.

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in 2018's Tomb Raider

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in 2018’s Tomb Raider

A new Tomb Raider anime was announced back in 2021 to be released on Netflix, which is reportedly still going ahead, despite the franchise rights changing hands twice since the announcement date. The anime will directly follow the Square Enix run of games and “follows heroine Lara Croft as she explores new territory” – according to the IMDB description. We have yet to hear of a release date.

These plans were leaked via sources to The Hollywood Reporter and are believed to be accurate. Representatives from Amazon and dj2 Entertainment have declined to comment on the purchase and upcoming plans for the franchise. This will be the second time Tomb Raider‘s rights have been sold in the last year. Japanese developers Square Enix sold the rights to Swedish development company Embracer Group in May 2022. This came as part of the companies plans to sell most of their ‘western franchises’. Embracer Group have seemingly doubled their investment after selling the rights to Amazon.

Source: ‘Tomb Raider’ Film in the Works as Amazon Makes Rich Rights Deal

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