New Titles Join XBox One Backwards Compatibility Program

Microsoft has recently added even more games to their backwards compatibility list for players. The list includes many favorites from both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. The free program increase even more with highlights such as Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

Xbox One Gets Even More Classic Games To Play!
Backwards compatibility is an option many gamer cherish no matter how advanced consoles become in the future. Some console makers like Sony do not allow this option for older game discs to work on their newer consoles without buying a brand-new download of the game. Microsoft has beaten that trend with their program.

Xbox One owners simply have to insert old Xbox or Xbox 360 games into their systems to begin downloading a digital version of the game. They can then play the game as long as the disc is inserted. If players have downloaded older Xbox games they can also download them to their Xbox One to play as well. This feature is completely free and is not reliant on an existing Xbox Live membership.

This month games added to the list include Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Axel & Pixel. More options are added nearly every month so be on the lookout for more options to play your favorite classic games on Xbox One. 

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