New TCG Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest announced

TokArts announced Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest, a science fiction strategy card game for two or more players, that is available to play on a virtual tabletop.

New TCG Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest announced
Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest
combines traditional collectible card game concepts with a special game board, called the “galaxy”. You can play the test version of the game for free on OCTGN virtual tabletop. The game will be released in both physical and digital forms as an online trading card game.

In Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest you battle for control of the galaxy. You command troops of creatures, humans, and robots, send them on your spaceships to explore and conquer new planets, battle or board enemy structures on your way, attack aliens on land, build bases on other planets and much more. Each player starts the game on their home planet. The goal of the game is to conquer your opponent’s home planet or to conquer more than half or the galaxy.

Unlike in other TCGs, the location of your cards in the galaxy and the location of the resource you need to play them is important: you can only play cards where you have enough resource. This adds a new dimension to the game, making players interact with the game board.

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Multiverse: CC is already on Kickstarter for those who you liked it!


This seems pretty cool! I want to play this game! Where can I find the rules?


Thanks! You can learn the rules for the game in our video tutorial series:


You can also find the full rulebook here:


Some TCGs and CCGs have very complicated rules, but you’ll find that the rules for Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest are actually pretty intuitive!


I’ve been following the development of this game for over two years now (, and I think this game does make a real difference, and it’s really fun to play! In Multiverse, you can produce fast and lightweight ships to quickly explore and get hold of the whole galaxy ahead of your opponents, or you can build powerful space stations able to destroy your opponent’s home planet and take over the power in the whole galaxy…. All sorts of pitfalls may surprise you at any moment making you feel like an admiral leading a fleet of space vessels. Every gameplay… Read more »


Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it 😀 The game is quite a bit more dynamic than most other TCGs and CCGs, especially if you’re playing with more than just 2 people.


I look forward to playing a multiplayer variant soon!

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