New Switch Pro Leak in a Q1 Investor’s Call?

Another Switch Pro leak of sorts has popped up. This time it was specifically mentioned in Universal Display Corp's first quarter investors call. CEO Steve Abramson talked about reports of Switch Pro having a new OLED display, though Nintendo remains very tight lipped on the subject.

Switch Pro Leaked in a Q1 Investor's Call?

An interesting bit of news has popped up this week. As you may recall from some previous rumors about the Switch Pro, it is said to have a better OLED display. Now, the display company Universe Display Corp recently referenced the Switch Pro in their first quarter investors call. UDC CEO, Steve Abramson gave a speech in which he said:

“And in the gaming market, there are reports for the first time Nintendo has selected an OLED screen for the new Switch Pro due to OLED benefits of higher contrast and faster response times.”

This report seems to have originally come from gaming news YouTuber, Spawn Wave, as I found him sourced multiple times. His tweet of a partial transcript can be seen below, but I was also able to find the full transcript. Here is the recent video where Spawn Wave talks about this story, and several others.


So What Does it Mean?

This specific mention of the Switch Pro doesn’t quite rise to the level of full on confirmation, though it does correlate with previous “leaks” claiming it will have a new OLED screen. Nintendo clearly doesn’t want to announce it yet, though some are hoping it makes its debut appearance at E3.

I wouldn’t be quite so sure about that, though. One idea that I’ve seen floating around is that it may launch in early 2022 alongside Breath of the Wild 2. In this case, they may not present it until early 2022. This wouldn’t be unheard of, as the original Switch presentation came very early in 2017 before it ultimately launched in March.

My policy on such things is not to get my hopes up. It’s better to take an “I’ll believe it when I see it” stance. Pay attention to leaks if they seem like they may be credible, but always take them with a grain of salt. This latest potential Switch Pro leak is a bit more credible, but it could also just be him referring to something he read online.

It seems most likely that, at the soonest, the Switch Pro would launch this holiday season or in early 2022 (perhaps in March like the original). Time will tell, but for now the Switch is still doing well for itself and E3 is right around the corner!

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