New Superheroes Arise? Picola presents Limp Heroes

New Superheroes Arise! Picola Inc. Brings Insanely-Challenging Ragdoll Action Game LIMP HEROES to iOS and Android!

Limp Heroes is Ragdoll Action Game from Picola Inc

Sendai, Japan – 8th September 2016 – Picola Inc. is proud to present its new smartphone game, LIMP HEROES, launched in the West on 8th September.

LIMP HEROES is an action game where you fight against evil villains as you control one of a crazy cast of all-new heroes inspired by American comics.

LIMP HEROES Promotional Video:

LIMP HEROES promotion video

The game is simple to control: just jump and use your special attacks. However, although these heroes have invincible rubber bodies, their heads are vulnerable. Victory can only be won by defeating the villain and landing heroically without smashing your face up. 

We hope you enjoy Picola's new ragdoll action game, LIMP HEROES!

Now available to download for iOS and Android systems. This game is free-to-play with optional microtransactions within the app for virtual currency.

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