New Street Fighter Fight Sticks Coming to Switch this Fall

HORI and Capcom have partnered up to release two brand new Street Fighter themed fight sticks. The Fighting Stick Mini and Real Arcade Pro controllers feature some iconic Street Fighter artwork and will be available for purchase later this year.
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New Street Fighter Fight Sticks Coming to Switch this Fall

Nintendo Switch fans may be excited to see some new fight stick controllers coming to the platform later this year. Capcom has partnered with video game peripheral company HORI to release Street Fighter themed fight sticks for both the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

The first fight stick is the “Fighting Stick Mini”. This controller is smaller in size, measuring in at approximately 8” x 6”. It’s compact and will provide some ease in portable gaming. You can choose between two styles featuring either Ryu & Ken or Chun-Li & Cammy. If you are on a budget, the mini is the perfect fit at $59.99.

Fighting Stick Mini Featuring Ryu & Ken

Fighting Stick Mini Featuring Chun-Li & Cammy

The “Real Arcade Pro V” is a more traditional sized fight stick, but with a price increase at $159.99. The RAP steel-based controller comes in three different themes: Ryu, Chun-Li, or a retro Street Fighter II design.

Real Arcade Pro Featuring Ryu

Real Arcade Pro Featuring Chun-Li

Real Arcade Pro Street Fighter II Retro

All of the new fight sticks will release October 15, 2019, but are available for pre-order right now over on Amazon. In the meantime, check out who we think are some of the worst characters in fighting games.


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