New Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Steals The Show

Sony unleashes the most impressive ever gameplay for any Spider-Man game ever made. The PS4 exclusive will launch on 2018. The gameplay trailer arguably steals this year's 2017 E3 show.

New Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Steals The Show
Sony's new Spider-Man PS4 gameplay trailer shown at E3 2017 arguably steals the show. The Manhattan hero web-slings across skyscrapers as he takes down foes and a chopper. The third person action gameplay was stunningly good and showed how Peter Parker can use his web to move objects big and small across the environment in order to impact battle. A release window for the Insomniac PS4 exclusive was given for 2018. Don't miss this breathtakingly impressive gameplay reveal just below.

Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) 2017 E3 Gameplay

Are our readers excited for the return of Spider-Man? Does this trailer steal 2017's E3? Let us know below.


  1. Avatar photo

    Not so excited that its so far off.



    Otherwise, I have to see some non-scripted gameplay of the open-world. Otherwise, the combat looked really good. Batman Arkham style, but with some flashy stuff and Spiderman quips.

    • Avatar photo

      The gameplay in open world will be there I’m sure. What we saw might have been either a side mission or part of the main quest. Very cool and with Uncharted level adrenaline pumping set pieces. I’m so down for that.


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