New Sony Patent Points To The Existence Of PS5 DevKits

A patent image may point to unofficial confirmation of existence of PS5 devkits or the console itself. A developer at CodeMasters has claimed the images are real & that the studio has several of these devkits. Sony is yet to provide comment on whether these claims are true or false.
New Sony Patent points to the existence of PS5 DevKits

New Sony patent points to the existence of PS5 DevKits

Gamers are already aware that we’re on the cusp of the next generational leap in console hardware, but the major platforms have remained tight-lipped on their next-gen offerings apart from a short testimonial vid on the power of Xbox Scarlet & an apparent demonstration of reduced load times, leaked from a private PlayStation event. Yesterday, a new Sony patent appeared online and many believe it to be confirmation of the final design of the PS5, or at least a devkit of the console. A developer at CodeMasters has claimed that these images are the real deal. 

The design shown in the patent is certainly “out there” in terms of previous PlayStation consoles; appearing to resemble more of a customised gaming PC, than a PlayStation. It’s the prominent “V” cut into the top of the device that provides the fuel for the speculation fire; In Roman numerals “V” represents the number five. 

New Sony patent points to the existence of PS5 DevKits

The patent image represents a marked change in design from previous PlayStation devkits

Matthew Scott, a developer at CodeMasters has confirmed (whether he was allowed to or not) that these images are indeed PS5 devkits. In the tweet, which has since been deleted, Matthew writes, “it’s a DevKit we have some in the office”. 

Development kits rarely represent the finished design that customers buy. The PS4 devkit was a chunky piece of hardware with several fan grates on the front, looking more like the back on an Xbox, than a PlayStation. Everything mentioned seems to lead to one thing; the PS5 devkit is out and being used by developers. Considering the public nature of patents It’s possible this is a low-key reveal; a teaser for the official reveal next year. The veracity of these claims still need to be confirmed by Sony. Gaming news outlets have reached out to Sony for official confirmation, but they have yet to receive a reply.

Concrete information on the PS5 is still very thin on the ground, but the PS4 still has plenty of outstanding games to play; God of War & Marvels Spider-man being just two of many. Both can be purchased from the PlayStation Store

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