New Sonic Racing Game Teased

6 years after the last iteration, Sega announced a new Sonic racing game. How related it is to the previous entries is unknown as well as what this game will be playable on.

New Sonic Racing Game Teased
Following the SXSW panel, Sega teased a reveal for a new Sonic racing game. This was later revealed via a tweet from Sega.

The original was released in 2010 and was received well by fans. People loved the idea of Sega's greatest characters coming together. With such a breadth to choose from, one could say that the possibilities were never ending.

Two years later we got the sequel, which literally transformed the racing genre with the different vehicular transformations to make them all-terrain. This was done the year before in Mario Kart 7, but that was merely the addition of gliders and propellers. The way courses changed over the duration of the course was also something I'd never seen before and this was a really cool precedent that I have yet to see implemented in other racing games that followed it. The roster also increased a fair bit, adding some characters outside of their own such as  Disney's Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph, which is getting a sequel this year.

Hopefully the wheels keep rolling and ideas keep flowing in this sequel. Another tweet suggests fans to keep an eye out on March 22nd, referencing a livestream that highlighted the date. 

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