New Sherlock Holmes Remake Announced

The game is afoot once more for Sherlock Holmes! A curious tale awaits our favourite crime-solving duo with Frogwares announcing a New Sherlock Holmes game that will be a remake of the classic Lovecraft crossover from 2006.

New Sherlock Holmes Remake Announced cover imageFrogwares has been catering to Sherlock Holmes fans for the last 20 years with their series of detective games. Their recent success, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One was their first entry in the new rebooted/prequel world of deduction. Now Frogwares are ready for the future with their newly announced game, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.

You may recognise this title because it’s a remake of the Sherlock-Lovecraft crossover from 2006. Frogwares has stated that it will be a full remake from the ground up with the story rewritten to make the mind-breaking adventure a continuation of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. This will be the first adventure with the young Holmes and Watson team and is an interesting tale to be the first entry in this new series of Sherlock Holmes games. 

A Lovecraftian nightmare awaits Holmes and Watson

A Lovecraftian nightmare awaits Holmes and Watson

Additionally, Frogwares has made the interesting choice to use Kickstarter to help secure the final parts of production. This is possibly due to their past experiences with their former publisher, or most likely because Frogwares is a Ukrainian games studio and have been caught in the current conflict. Whatever the reason, it’s a good way to let the fans be a part of the next entry and help finalise the last touches to make Sherlock Holmes The Awakened as good as the developers wish it to be. 

Frogwares will put up the full trailer and a video update from their team when the Kickstarter campaign goes live, which they have said will be very soon. In the meantime, you can follow the project and be notified when it goes live. Below are some screenshots they have released.

    SOURCE: Frogwares Social Media Post

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