New Sherlock Holmes Game Revealed For Next-Gen Consoles

A new Sherlock Holmes game is officially in the works, and will release on PC as well as next generation consoles. Developer Frogwares has been developing games based on the world-renowned detective for a while, with the latest entry in the franchise, The Devil's Daughter, being released in late 2016.

New Sherlock Holmes Game Revealed For Next Generation Consoles

Frogwares have released a number of Sherlock Holmes games for a number of consoles, and it seems that the next generation will be no different. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is the latest game from Frogwares which will centre around the early years of the detective’s life. Previously published by Focus Home Interactive, this will be the first brand-new, independently published game from Frogwares since their split last year.

In an interview with Gamespot, the developers reveal that the game will have an open world, will take place outside of London, and that the prequel is set before the events of both Crimes and Punishments and The Devil’s Daughter. You’ll also be able to utilise disguises to blend in and sneak into buildings or previously restricted areas as well as an open-ended approach to mystery solving, allowing you to solve each case the way you see fit.

The Sherlock Holmes games have always been rough but enjoyable, so hopefully the quality won’t suffer from the move to next-gen. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will be available on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and PC as well as current generation consoles for players who may not be able to afford the step up in hardware. 

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One - Exclusive Reveal Trailer

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