New Sea of Stars Details Rise to the Surface

RPG lovers eagerly await the release of Sea of Stars: a turn-based role-playing game inspired by the classics. Followers and supporters of Sea of Stars will be pleased to know that new gameplay details and release date information has finally surfaced.

New Sea of Stars Details Rise to the Surface

Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG inspired by the classic, retro games we all know and love. Sabotage Studio strives for a gaming experience full of engaging combat, rich storytelling, and a dynamic world full of adventure.

This ode to retro gaming had an initial release date aiming for late 2022. However, a recent post on the official Twitter account changes those plans. According to Sabotage Studio, they now aim for a 2023 release. This wait has been extended to maintain a healthy work environment and focus on quality results.

Even more recently, Sea of Stars is officially coming to PS4 and PS5 alongside a Nintendo Switch and PC release. Along with this announcement also comes a closer look at the combat system in Sea of Stars.

There will be a total of six playable characters all with their own unique kits. The game will stay true to the phrase “turn-based” without any time constraints. This allows each player to battle at their own pace. On top of this, there will be no random encounters, as every fight will offer a thoughtful experience. Even further, Sabotage Studio explains that “timed-hits” will allow players to sync their actions with the animations in order to deal extra damage/reduce incoming damage. There is also a combo/dual attack system, “live mana” generated from attacks to absorb for an extra kick, as well as a lock system that allows players to weaken enemies by dealing damage of a certain type. Sea of Stars players will also be able to swap characters mid-battle at no cost! More details can be found on the official website!

Screenshot of Official Sea of Stars Gameplay

Screenshot of Official Sea of Stars Gameplay

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Source: Twitter Release Date Announcement, Sea of Stars Combat Article

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