New Retro ARPG Faeland launches on Kickstarter Soon

FAELAND is a 2D Platform ARPG Video Game currently in development for PC. The game is inspired inspired by 8-Bit classics with a modern charm. The game will have a Kickstarter campaign released on the 17th of April.

New Retro ARPG Faeland launches on Kickstarter Soon
With the success of titles such as, Shovel Knight, The Binding Of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, ​it's clear to the video game industry that we have a very special place for retro style games. But it seems that it's indie developers who really know how to really craft a game that feels new and old at the same time and Talegames is such a dev team with their game FAELAND. If you haven't heard of this game, FAELAND is a 2D side scrolling action RPG. The Game boasts:

  • Detailed hand crafted Pixel-Art graphics
  • Open world / Metroidvania exploration style
  • Level up and learn new Skills
  • Change your equipped weapons to match your preferred combat style
  • Enhance your armor and enjoy the look of new outfits on your character
  • Puzzles & Riddles solving
  • Explore large dungeons with challenging boss battles

FAELAND is going to have a Kickstarter campaign launched on the 17th of April. While there is currently no information on the campaigns tiers, the game itself sells it for me. I am however still interested in the higher tiers and what they may have to offer. Hopefully a physical version of the game with an art book full of that glorious pixel art! You can check out more information on the official website and watch the trailer below.​​​​​​

Personally I can't wait for this game as it gave me Zelda 2 vibes when I watched the trailer. Will you be supporting this title? What are your thought? Let us know!

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