New PS VR Title Theseus Is Announced

Forge Reply announces a new VR game titled Theseus. The game is to be story-driven and will pit you against the great mythological Minotaur and his treacherous labyrinth.

New PS VR Title Theseus Is Announced
VR Developer Forge Reply just announced a brand new game titled Theseus. The game is set to be an action-adventure VR experience set on the mythical story of Theseus and the Minotaur. Stranded on the beast's labyrinth you will only have Ariadne's voice as a guide and must explore the chambers and routes leading to the heart of the maze. In this story-driven game you will face both the Minotaur and his minions as you seek to unveil the truth behind the labyrinth. Check out the trailer just below.

Theseus is set to release on the Summer of 2017. It is heading to the PS VR at the moment exclusively as no other VR headsets were mentioned in the announcement. However, only a digital release is confirmed for now. The game definitely has an epic survival feel to it. Here's to hoping it can feature some memorable fights with that strong looking Minotaur.

What do our readers think of Theseus for PS VR? Let us know in the comments.


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    Interesting. But how long is it? And how much is it?



    The answer is probably short and cheap, which continues the trend of VR being a fun, quick gimmick, instead of a serious platform for serious games.

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      That is a fine point to make right there. Especially after seeing how short Farpoint turned out to be. Someone will have to risk of this tech will not get off the ground. I agree. However, this game does look pretty cool. Hopefully it ends up being good.


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