New Power Rangers game revealed for all platforms

These multi-coloured warriors will be knocking seven shades out of their enemies in this new fighting game coming to current gen consoles. The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers will do battle alongside 25 years of the franchise's history. That's enough rangers to make Zordon's head spin.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid announced for all platforms
An announcement teaser was recently released online revealing Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, a new fighting game from nWay, Hasbro & Lionsgate. It’s a traditional arcade fighting game that’s reportedly, “easy to learn but hard to master”, with all the modern features you’d expect like online multiplayer, story mode and additional DLC further down the line.

The game will also feature crossplay between several versions of the game, allowing players to fight against others regardless of which machine they’re playing on. Furthermore, the developers are also working on a cross-progression system, which means if a player stops playing on one console, they can continue their progress on another console version. We’ve seen this made possible in games like Fortnite, although presumably without having to buy the game twice.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Announcement Teaser

The announcement trailer even features a quick cameo from Jason David Frank, the actor behind the original Green Power Ranger, delivering the classic iconic line. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is expected to arrive April this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, with PC to follow later in the year.

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You got one thing wrong. Playstation won’t be cross platform.

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