New Pokemon And Metroid Prime 4 in Development For Switch

A new core Pokemon title and Metroid Prime 4 are on the way for Nintendo Switch!

New Core Pokemon And Metroid Prime 4 in Development For Switch
Nintendo announced today via their E3 showcase that a new core Pokemon game and Metroid Prime 4 are now in development for Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, it was added that the new Pokemon game won't release until about more than a year from now.

Little other information was revealed, but a teaser for Metroid can be found below:

Metroid Prime 4 - E3 2017 Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Are you excited for Pokemon and Metroid? Let us know in the comments below


  1. Avatar photo

    Super excited.



    Most likely, both will show up at next E3 in playable form. Well, maybe not Metroid, but who knows.



    But Pokemon could come holiday 2018, and Metroid sometime in 2019. The Switch’s future is starting to look solid.

    • Avatar photo

      Yup, I think so too. Now if only I could find a store that has a Switch in stock…lol


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