New PlayStation “State of Play” coming May 9th

PlayStation will be having it's second "State of Play" to show off the upcoming HD Reamstered version of MidEvil. Another one will be announced later this year. Neither will talk or show off new games for the upcoming PS5.

Earlier this year, PlayStation put out its first ever “State of Play,” an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Nintendo Direct. In it, we saw a slew of upcoming game trailers, gameplay reveals and announcements to titles that will be released on PS4 and PSVR later this year. The video…. was not that well received. As of this writing, the first-ever “State of Play,” currently sits at 28 thousand dislikes to 9.4 likes. The consensus was that it was a soul-less clone of Nintendo Direct, without any of the charm and joy that made Direct such a beloved part of Nintendo’s marketing presentation. Another significant criticism was at the focus on PSVR games, rather than PS4 games.

Regardless of what people thought, PlayStation seems to be committed to the State of Play video series, as the company announced that it would be partaking in another one on May 9th. Announced on PlayStation Blog, the presentation will be only 10 minutes long and include looks at the upcoming MediEvil remastered, as well as the first look at a new title. The posting also tells us “Don’t expect any updates relating to our next-generation plans this time.”

“There’s lots more in store for State of Play: episode 3 will return later in the year with more news and updates” Says Social media director Sid Shuman.

It’s unknown if this is hinting at a “State of Play” event for E3, as Sony did announce that they will be skipping E3 for the first time in 24 years. Hopefully, Sony will have learned from there past mistakes with its first “State of Play” and will put on a presentation that will impress us all. Thought, don’t expect too much from a 10 minute presentation.

Will we get another VR Game? Will they give us a release date for upcoming game? Probably not, but we’ll keep you posted on what’s to come. Hopefully, it won’t get leaked online, like a few announcements have been for the last few months.

State of Play will be streamed on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook.

What do you think of PlayStation’s State of Play? Leave a comment below.

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