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New Persona-Related Announcement Coming Tomorrow

After teasing an announcement back in December, the Japanese twitter account for Persona has confirmed those announcements are coming tomorrow after the final episode of the Persona 5 Anime has finished.

New Persona Related Announcement Coming Tomorrow
You might remember when, back in early January, Atlus promised a Persona-related announcement sometime this month. Well, they've finally confirmed the date for said announcement on Twitter: tomorrow, the 23rd of March. It'll come shortly after the final episode of the Persona 5 anime series is broadcast at 8:00 pm in Japan, so check your timezones.

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In case Twitter's translator isn't working for you, here's a rough translation:

3/23 (Sat.) 20:00, waiting for the TV anime [persona 5] special number sequel [Stars and Ours]! Finally, it is the last battle of the Thief of the heart! In addition, there is a new follow-up after the end of this story.. #P5R. Guys, don't miss out! #p5a https://p5a.jp/onair/ (The ※ PREVIOUS release of CM will be released by ground-level broadcasting) 

So it looks like we'll finally find out what Persona 5 'R' is. The current speculation is that it's an enhanced, upgraded version of Persona 5 kind of like Persona 4 Golden was to the original Persona 4. The announcement video from December did mention "New Projects", which suggests more than one announcement.

There's also the ongoing rumors of a potential Switch port after December's surprise announcement that Persona 5's player character, Joker, would join the Smash Ultimate roster as a DLC fighter. Perhaps we could see Joker's moveset in action or a release date? Honestly, I'm just speculating, but I'd love to see them port more Persona games to Switch since they're massive JRPGs, a good fit for something handheld like the Switch. Either way, it should be announced sometime around mid-day tomorrow for us Brits and if Persona 5R does turn out to be what we're expecting it to be then I cannot wait to waste another 100 hours on a game I've already played through three times.

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