New Peppa Pig Game Announced

A brand new game based on Peppa Pig has been announced. Titled My Friend Peppa Pig, it is set to release on PlayStation, Xbox and PC in 2021. Peppa Pig is the most beloved farm animal among preschoolers and parents alike. Gamers will get to create an animal avatar for themselves and go on an adventure with Peppa in her latest game.

New Peppa Pig Game Announced coverPeppa Pig is a long-running British cartoon series about a cute and inquisitive pig named Peppa. She is an affable preschooler who loves making friends and learning new things. Since debuting in 2004, she has won the hearts of kids and parents worldwide and made herself a staple of many mornings. Fans of the pink pig will be happy to know that an all new game titled My Friend Peppa Pig has been announced for release in late 2021.

For those who are unfamiliar, Peppa is a little pig who lives with her younger brother named George. Her father is big pig who is always losing his glasses, and her mother is always around when she needs her. Peppa is friends with plenty with other animals from preschool including a rabbit named Rebecca and a sheep named Suzy.

Peppa and Suzy are best friends.

Peppa and Suzy are best friends.

As is explained by Bandai Namco, you will get to design and customize your very own animal avatar to interact with Peppa as you go on your adventure. You will also get to visit various locations including Peppa’s house, the beach, Snowy Mountains, and an amusement park called Potato City. Best of all, your favorite characters from the television series will also be present.

My Friend Peppa Pig will be a children’s game with plenty of wholesome themes. As Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games states: “This is a game for all young children and their parents to enjoy together, exploring Peppa’s world in this brand-new adventure”.

My Friend Peppa Pig - Announcement Trailer

The game will launch of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on the 22nd of October 2021.


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