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New Overwatch Hero Baptiste Drops in on March 19

Baptiste, Overwatch's newest hero is officially dropping into the game. Starting March 19, the combat medic will be available for the big leagues. What's more, there are new skins involved.
New Overwatch Hero Baptiste Drops in on March 19

It's official, Baptiste, Overwatch's newest combat medic will be available in the game. The hero was first revealed in February and had until now only been playable in PTR. Starting March 19, Baptiste will be going live on all platforms, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To mark the character's debut into the game, there will be two new legendary skins for the character called Spec Ops and Buccaneer. Both skins have a preview available on the official Twitter.

For those who aren't familiar with this new support class character, Baptiste is the 30th character to be added to the game is the seventh support character to be introduced. As a combat medic, his kit includes a submachine gun that launches healing Biotic Grenades. As for skills he has a heal-over-time ability called Regenerative Burst, the powerful Immortality Field, and Amplification Matrix, Baptiste’s ultimate that doubles the effectiveness of his allies’ damage and healing abilities.

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Prior to this announcement, a new piece of lore was revealed on Baptiste: He and Sombra are longtime friends.

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