New open-world space survival game “Into the Stars”

Into the stars is an open-world space survival game where you can explore a massive open-world star system. You take the helm as the captain where you must lead your crew to find a new home world for mankind.

New Open-World game is out of this world!

As the captain of the final “Ark” ship, you must make decisions to keep you and your crew alive. You will face alien threats as well as all the threats of space travel. Explore new worlds, harvest resources, engage in space battles, upgrade your ship and explore the final frontier.

The FAQ page answers a lot about the upcoming game and gives some great details about what to expect. The game will launch with full text and voiceover for 7 languages, however it seems that there will be no or very limited physical copy release. The game is being developed by Fugitive Games, who had this to say about their efforts:

“With a core team of just four people, it was necessary for us to leverage every ounce of experience we gained working on titles like Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Lost Planet. Into the Stars is our dream project and we're excited to share it with you all!”

For more information or if you want to follow the games progress you follow them on Twitter and Facebook and watch their live-streams on Twitch. Into the Stars is launching on March 4th.

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