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New Nioh DLC Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Trailer highlights new weapons, bosses, guardian spirits and more! Take on the ambitious ruler, Masamune Date, who has been secretly gathering spirit stones. The DLC releases on May 2nd.

 New Nioh DLC Gameplay Trailer Revealed
The first DLC for Niohone of this year's best games, releases tomorrow. A gameplay trailer was revealed today that highlights the plot of the DLC and some of its new features.

Just when he finished making Japan safe, trouble strikes again and only William can stop it. Masamune Date, the Dragon of the North, has been secretly gathering spirit stones and looks to cause mayhem and unrest.

The new trailer can be found below:

NIOH Dragon of the North DLC Gameplay Trailer PS4 2017

We gave Nioh a solid 8.5, noting it's excellent boss fights and engaging combat.

Are you excited for this DLC? Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments below!

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