New Nintendo eShop Downloads for Week of 11/12: Just Dance, Kingdom Hearts

This week on the Nintendo eShop players can get titles such as Just Dance 2021, KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory, Sniper Elite 4, and the Serious Sam Collection. That's a pretty wide variety of games, and just a handful of the titles available starting today. Be sure to check out the other rad indie titles coming to the eShop.

New Nintendo eShop Downloads for Week of 11/12: Just Dance, Kingdom HeartsThere’s a pretty big focus this week on rhythm and music, with Just Dance 2021 making you move your body and KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory letting you tap your way through the best moments of the series. Guitar! turns your Switch into, well, a guitar, and Lets Sing 2021 will allow players to loosen up the vocal cords.

But if that’s not your thing, don’t fret, as there’s plenty of chances to light up your enemies in physical ways with the launch of Sniper Elite 4 and Serious Sam Collection. Embrace the explosions and target some vital organs to your heart’s content.

Unless otherwise stated, all discussed content is available as of today, November 12th.


The annual game that wants to get your body rockin’ yet again. Possibly the most notable thing about this release is that it’s the first entry in the main series to not be released on the original Nintendo Wii. The passage of time claims many victims, and even the wiggle of your hips cannot escape.


Just Dance 2021 is available now on Nintendo eShop, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia, with the Xbox Series S/X and PS5 versions arriving on November 24th.


A rhythm spinoff of Kingdom Hearts, Melody of Memory takes a different take than previous games in the series. While it’s hard to say that the series has consistency, this is one unique take that is more of a celebration of the series as a whole. Tap your way through the sights and sounds of favorite songs and locations, defeat enemies, and enlist the help of some Disney characters to accomplish your goals.

You could say the premise is sort of... Goofy.

You could say the premise is sort of… Goofy.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory will be available on November 13th on Nintendo eShop, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

That’s 29 new titles available this week on the Nintendo eShop. Let us know which ones you plan on picking up, and what you think of them! And as always, keep any out for our reviews of some select titles, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

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