New Nintendo eShop Downloads for Week of 10/22: Alaskan Survival

The latest games available to download from the Nintendo eShop this week feature Supraland, TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS, and The Red Lantern. From sandbox titles to turn-based strategy, survival roguelites to blackjack, there's a ton of variety to explore.

New Nintendo eShop Downloads for Week of 10/22: Alaskan Survival

This week we have several new titles to download from the Nintendo eShop, with some big names and some titles we’ve been waiting for. Big standouts include Torchlight 3, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!, and a new demo for Kirby Fighters 2. As usual, I’ll highlight some bigger names and have the entire list available at the bottom for you to browse.

Unless otherwise stated, all discussed content is available as of today, October 22nd.


You’re just trying to make your way home, but you have to cross the Alaskan wilderness to get there. Manage your resources and protect your team of five sled dogs from the cold and predators as you traverse the tundra and try to get out alive. There are eight different dogs to build your team with and 100 unique encounters to experience. The tundra changes as you play, so there’s sure to be lots of replayability. Yes, you can pet the dogs.

The Red Lantern Nintendo Switch Gameplay


Supraland is an open-world puzzle platformer filled with tiny toys and big opportunities. Fight your way to the exalted Blue King and do what you want on the way with first-person combat and interesting puzzles to solve. A promised “sandbox” game, the developers claim 12-25 hours of platforming and puzzle-filled gameplay that’s family-friendly and fun for everyone.

If only there was a giant boy for all of us.

If only there was a giant boy for all of us.


It looks like Transformers is finally getting the turn-based strategy game it’s always deserved. With a main campaign and multiple arcade modes like Capture the Flag, Horde, and Last Stand, there’s a ton of content for players to enjoy. The addition of local multiplayer means a friend on the couch can join you or take you on in one of the arcade modes. All our favorite Autobots and Decepticons return for a game that brings us across Earth and to Cybertron.

Mario + Rabbids was just the beginning.

Mario + Rabbids was just the beginning.

There are 40 new titles arriving at the Nintendo eShop this week, and there’s sure to be something that you’ll love. Check out what each title has to offer, and keep your eyes peeled for reviews of some of these titles from our staff coming this week.

What games did you get this week?

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