New Minecraft Dungeons Trailer Reveals Gameplay and More

A whole new way to play Minecraft with Minecraft Dungeons! Equip to your heart's content with all the flavors of Minecraft mixed with the intuitive aspects of RPG elements. During Microsoft's E3 presentation, a brand new gameplay trailer was shown that provided many key details of what players can expect.

Fierce Creatures and Gameplay Features Revealed with New Minecraft Dungeons Trailer

The popularity of Minecraft has taken hold of the gaming community ever since it released in 2009. For close to a decade, fans have spent countless hours building whatever they’ve set their hearts on in peaceful immersion. They will not find such peace with Minecraft Dungeons.

With major details revealed during the Microsoft E3 presentation, a new trailer for Minecraft Dungeons showcases what one can expect from the new spin-off game. One can see standard RPG details such as player-equip screens and using keys to unlock passages front and center. Other details shown include local and online co-op, with up to four players in a party available for one’s adventure.

Key differences from the original game aside, much of what was shown still featured many objects from Minecraft as a whole. The general aesthetic, creepers, and the concept of tools all seem to have a place in Minecraft Dungeons.

To see the full trailer, check out the video below:

Minecraft Dungeons: Gameplay Reveal Trailer

While much about the upcoming game was revealed, what is still left to uncover is a set release date. Minecraft Dungeons is scheduled to release in Spring of 2020 for all major platforms.

To see our thoughts on the original Minecraft, be sure to click our resident dad’s review.

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