New Mass Effect and Dragon Age Teased at The Game Awards 2020

BioWare closed The Game Awards 2020 with teasers for brand new Mass Effect and Dragon Age instalments. Two trailers gave us a glimpse into the upcoming additions, with glimpses into brand new locations and some familiar faces making an appearance.

New Mass Effect and Dragon Age Teased at The Game Awards 2020

BioWare teased a familiar rogue storyteller and spaceship in not one but two gameplay teaser trailers at The Game Awards 2020. A new Mass Effect and Dragon Age are officially in the works, and our magical little fingertips can’t wait to get hold of them. Liara, Solas, and Varric were among the familiar faces we were shown, with a whole lotta intrigue on the part of gameplay and story. Let’s go over what was featured in the trailers, so we can all prepare for upcoming years of dragon fights and space cowboys. 

Mass Effect

Mass Effect Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2020

Set in the vast and beautiful Andromeda galaxy, the last Mass Effect didn’t receive overly sweet critic appraisal. The player takes the role of Commander Shepard in RPG-style as you traverse the mass-relay networks discovered by humans in the 22nd century, allowing interstellar space travel to explore the skylines and meet alien allies and enemies. This teaser trailer keeps its cards close to its chest, not revealing too much gameplay-wise but rather indulging us in the bountiful and colourful star-verse we can hope to explore. An end nod to recurring Asari companion Liara T’soni, who reveals a remnant of the Commander’s NZ armour, suggests she will appear in the upcoming title. As for now, we can only make assumptions, but BioWare teased this “is full of hints about what we are planning,” so let us know what you can find! 

Dragon Age

The Next Dragon Age Official Teaser Trailer - 2020 Game Awards

Our dwarf friend is back with more tales to tell (not that we assumed he ever stopped, that is). Varric Tethras, the recurring companion from the Dragon Age franchise, narrates the short and sweet trailer from the upcoming sequel to the tale of magical unrest and blighted wars. Once more, gameplay and narrative being is at a minimum, though we are met with the face of Dread Wolf Solas toward the end, who turns and looks… less friendly than in prior instalments, to say the least. The visuals look impressive, and the snippet of the world we’re given explodes in mystical intrigue, with some fans speculating this could be our first look into mage-run Tevinter. This promises new gameplay opportunities, new political disputes to get involved in, and a flurry of exciting new chapters in this ever-unfolding world. Just say there will be nugs, please.

So, that’s it! A new Mass Effect and Dragon Age are in production. What did you think of the teaser trailers? An explosive end to The Game Awards 2020, or leave you wanting for more? Let us know your thoughts down below,

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