New Low Latency Streaming Service Called Parsec

Do you want low latency gaming locked at 60 fps? Check out Parsec, Parsec is a new low latency streaming service that lets you stream games from one of their gaming rigs. You can also stream from a friend's PC if you choose to. Parsec also lets you connect with someone far away, you can play local co-op games as if you were sitting together on the same couch.

New Low Latency Streaming Service Called Parsec

What is Parsec?

Parsec is the latest low-latency game streaming service, you can stream games at lag free speeds while maintaining 60 fps. Every day, new technology is being created to help lessen the boundaries for us gamers. Now we can log on and play with our friends effortlessly, we can even play with people who are miles and cities away from us. But with Parsec this idea is being reinvented, you can now play games on your Macs and laptops with zero lag. You can also play games with your friend who lives in Canada while you might be in Europe or Asia. This technology was inspired by older game streaming software, Parsec aims to upgrade this and take this to the next level. They hope to give cloud-gaming based streaming to everyone. But right now they have to focus on making the technology better first.

What can you do with Parsec?

Parsec allows you to stream games through the internet, so you will be able to stream games through devices like the Nintendo Switch for example. You might be wondering, why would you need to do this when you can just play off the Switch like normal? In normal cases, you can go to a friends house and play together on one Switch or both. However, if your friend lives in another country or city that might be difficult. So, Parsec can allow you to do co-op play on your devices and have low-latency while doing so. You can also, rent a gaming PC from them and play your games in better quality. Since you would be streaming it, remember to keep in mind your settings, streaming sacrifices quality so you will need to balance this with performance. You can also host one of your machines so your friends can play it. You may even want to host it so you can play it on the go when you are out. Depending on where you are, the renting services could be forty cents to a dollar for an hour or so. You also need to pay for how much storage you need for your games each month.

How is Parsec overall?

For how it is right now, the service is pretty good. You can play your favorite games online with low-latency while still holding a solid 60 fps. Keep in mind this will be dependent on your settings and internet speeds. While not perfect, Parsec so far seems to be growing and providing a service for all gamers to enjoy. The business model they are using is similar to the Discord model. They aren't making a lot of profit from this, this is their dream and they want to share it with us. From what I've tested, the renting system is fair and gives you a lot of time to test the games out. The co-op system allowed me to play a few Steam games with my buddy, we had almost no latency problems when we tried it out. If you do end up having issues you can try messing around with the in-game settings. If that doesn't work, I recommend trying out the Parsec settings. You can also join their Discord group for more assistance, you can also email them for more help. If this succeeds, we can have more games with local co-op options. We can also bring back some old favorites and play using Parsec. I am interested in the future of cloud gaming as a whole and hope to see more of it.

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    Parsec is used to stream PC games to another PC. Nowhere on their website shows the software being able to stream a Nintendo Switch to your PC.





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