New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Shows Off Classic Kingdom

The upcoming sequel to the smash-hit Kingdom Hearts franchise has wowed fans yet again with a new trailer detailing more content from the title. New mini games were shown utilizing old school LCD gaming screens and Disney cartoons from the past. There are many of these mini games coming to the title once it releases later this year.

Check Out The Brand New Trailer For KH3 Showcasing A New Mini Game And World!
Kingdom Hearts III is the long awaited new entry in the hugely successful Kingdom Hearts franchise. Players are dying to get any scrap of information on the game as it has skipped over two console generations to finally release on PS4 and Xbox One. A new trailer was revealed recently to fans at a Kingdom Hearts Union Cross event giving more information on the game and its' contents.

The Classic Kingdom trailer shows Sora, Donald and Goofy in what looks to be Twilight Town standing alongside Hayner, Pence and Olette from Kingdom Hearts IIThe trailer then shows the trio holding a handheld LCD gaming device and four different mini games are shown off. There are 20 games planned to be in the full release of the title.

Most of the mini games involve Sora and Mickey helping different Disney characters from the past with certain tasks such as catching eggs or escaping a giant. Each game is accompanied by an adorable soundtrack and sound effects encapsulating the pure nostalgia of LCD games during the 1980's. it is not known yet if these mini games have any bearing on the plot or will be extra missions to be completed for possible physical rewards.

No further information has been given on an exact release date for Kingdom Hearts III other than it will be releasing sometimes this year. Most likely series creator Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix will be present at E3 this year with much more information and gameplay footage.

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