New IP Skye Announced For Xbox One As Well

Puny Astronaut confirms that upcoming game Skye is also releasing on Xbox One. Take the role of a flying dragon as you explore and wander across a gorgeous 2D landscape.

New IP Skye Announced For Xbox One As Well
The recently revealed relaxing exploration game Skye is also coming to the Xbox One. Some initial reports seemed to be suggesting that the game would be a PS4 exclusive. However, game developer Puny Astronaut's website for the game clearly lists the upcoming game to be releasing for both the Xbox One and PS4. Furthermore, the website also points to an Autumn 2017 release date. Be sure to check out the beautiful Alpha preview video just below.

As seen on the video, you will be controlling a flying dragon which seems to be accompanied by some kind of bird. The game seems to feature a gorgeous-looking 2D world where exploration and interacting with the environment will be the focus. It certainly feels very relaxing as it looks to be providing a different kind of experience from what's currently available in the market. I myself am very excited to learn more about this game. Perhaps further details will be given at E3.

What do our readers think of this incoming exploration game? Share your thoughts below.

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