New IP Skye Announced As PS4 Exclusive

Sony announces new IP Skye as a PS4 exclusive releasing later this year. The game will have you fly around as a dragon in what may be mostly a relaxing exploration adventure.

New IP Skye Announced As PS4 Exclusive
Just days before Sony's 2017 E3 presser, the hardware giant decided to announce a new IP coming exclusively to the PS4. The new game goes by the name Skye and is being developed by a team of just eight college students from Abertay University in Scotland. They formed a studio named Puny Astronaut in order to bring you the most relaxing exploration game possible. In Skye you play the role of a friendly flying dragon as you explore a coastal area with surrounding highlands.  

New IP Skye Announced As PS4 Exclusive-Early Screenshot
Not much more is known about this upcoming new game. A later release this year for the game was also announced but with no specific window. It appears you will mostly be exploring and interacting with the environment in various capacities with perhaps no particular goal in the game. With E3 just around the corner we may yet learn further details on this intriguing looking game.

What do our readers think of a relaxing exploring game? Let us know below.

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A relaxing game. Sounds like a tech demo, hope they show more. The act of flying in games has always been tricky to pull off well.


Hi Andres, it’s actually coming to Xbox One at the same time as PS4. You can find more info on our site, punyastronaut dot com. Thanks!

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