New Infinite Warfare Map Tease

Infinity Ward has teased a new map in Infinite Warfare. The name of the map is unknown but it looks very reminiscent of a Modern Warfare style map. It could possibly be a throwback map or remake of a something from a previous Infinity Ward title.

New Infinite Warfare Map teased on last day of beta
In the final update for Infinite Warfare's beta, Infinity Ward has released a thank you message. It includes a preview of an unseen map that looks similar to that of the Modern Warfare trilogy's maps. While it could be a whole new map there's also the possibility that it is a remake of an old map updated to Infinite Warfare's graphics and also its movement system. It would be great to have some remakes of Modern Warfare maps in Infinite Warfare with the addition of classic guns in multiplayer.

Infinite Warfare releases in less than two weeks. It'll be available on November 4th for PS4 and Xbox One.

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