New Half-Life: Alyx Announced as VR Game

Let the memes finally stop!... Or not. Valve has finally, after well over a decade, announced the next instalment of the Half-Life series. Although it is not Half-Life 3, and it's coming, in fact, as a VR game. Will this title live up to the past experience despite its chosen platform? Only time will tell.

Half-Life: AlyxA new Half-Life has been finally announced, and it’s coming as the flagship title for Valve’s VR titles.

After twelve years of waiting and speculation and endless memes about it, the next Half-Life, titled Half-Life: Alyx has finally been kind of revealed through Valve’s official Twitter. It is actually the account’s first and only tweet thus far.

And although we are not technically getting the most-anticipated Half-Life 3, this game’s title at least is hinting to a well-established character from Half-Life 2, Alyx Vance, so we can expect this VR experience to be centered around this character. Whether this game will be a sequel, prequel or side story to Half-Life 2 remains to be seen, although Valve will release more information this Thursday, for which we’ll be on the lookout. 

The Half-Life series has been wildly popularized on the internet precisely because of the long time it’s taken to get a new release since Half-Life 2. The running gag on the internet about Valve and even Gabe Newell being unable to count to three, referencing the Half-Life and Left 4 Dead series, among others, has been going on for several years, and it’s been so wide-spread that it’s drawn new players, including myself, to actually play the games.

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