New Gridiron Mode and More Are Added to Gears 5

Gears 5 has a new Operations 3 coming and that means new features to enjoy. A featured addition is the new Gridiron Mode. What's more, there are some new maps and new achievements to look forward to. To top it all off, Tour of Duty makes a return with some more additions.

New Gridiron Mode And More Are Added To Gears 5

Gears 5 delivers something new starting on March 31. A new, never-before-seen mode named Operation 3: Gridiron will be introduced. What’s more, four new characters have been added, including Augustus “Cole Train” Cole and Clayton Carmine to the Heroes side. Joining the Villains side are Queen Myrrah and Theron Guard. Other new content coming includes new maps, a new tile family, and new achievements. 

Gridiron is a single life objective mode. It has two teams battle against each other for one flag. With it, a team can score a touchdown in the opposing team’s endzone. It’s no simple capture-the-flag type of mode though. For every round start, the flag shifts between one of three locations along the centerline of the map. When you pick up the flag, you need to survive five seconds in order to score a touchdown. The mode is for a 5v5 battle, and with every touchdown and elimination, a team earns two points; you earn one point when holding the flag. Whichever teams earns thirteen points first wins.

Gears 5 - Operation 3: Gridiron Official Trailer

With the other new content, there is a new map set among the ruins of an old civilization and the twisted oversized trunks of the jungle. It is called Pahanu, and joining it is the return of Canals Map. There are also the 2v2 Arena and Annex maps. For each map, there are custom weapon placements. Another addition is a new tile family called the Barracks. Containing 18 tiles, they will be available in future Operation Hives and through Map Builder.

As for the achievements, there will be a full list revealed on March 30. Making a return for Operation 3 is Tour of Duty, also bringing in some new content. More than new content, the new Tour of Duty brings improvements, too: improvements including a new objective slot and a new mechanic where you earn Stars.

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