New Gran Turismo Sport Update Adds Toyota GR Yaris

Surprisingly, Gran Turismo Sport will receive an update after months of complete silence. As most community members expected, the game had officially reached an end, but today polyphony digital announced that the game will have another content update.

New Gran Turismo Sport Update Adds Toyota GR YarisGran Turismo Sport isn’t dead yet! Polyphony Digital announced on their website that another update is coming to the game on November 13. More details regarding this update will be announced later, however, turns out all GT Sport players will be able to play around in one of the most fascinating sports cars produced in 2020. The brand new Toyota GR Yaris!

Most surprisingly, the Gran Turismo creator stated back in February that the amount of updates would decrease in quantity. And the last content update came out in May. Ever since May, we only had bug fixes and not more than that. With that being said, the community assumed that the game would not receive content anymore, as we are expecting Gran Turismo 7 to come soon

The 2020 Toyota GR Yaris is considered to be the most powerful 3-cylinder sports car today, producing around 270 horsepower! The car is optimised for rallying, hence the all wheel drive feature and power. According to the new restrictive rules for World Rally Championship (WRC) 2021, each model must be sold at a minimum of 25,000 units over a 3-year span. Thus, the car may be used in WRC 2021. This would be an exceptional opportunity for Toyota increase sales. By advertising this vehicle in video games, it might gain more attention and hopefully bump the number of sales up a bit.

Along with this thrilling hatchback, new time trail event will be available for everyone around the globe, featuring the Yaris. Information on future updates may not be known, but it’s only a matter of time when the next update arrives. It could be in 2 months, 5 months or never. It’s all up to the studio how much effort that should be put on this game.

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