New God Of War Gameplay Trailer Released

New footage of the upcoming God Of War game has recently been released. The footage shows more open world exploration, monsters and combat! The game will be released world wide on April 20th.

New God Of War Gameplay Trailer Released
A new gameplay trailer for the much awaited God Of War was recently released to the public. The video shows of some more of the open world exploration mechanics, combat against a troll (who looks awesome, by the way) as well as a few smaller things like finding items, combat and showing off the glorious camera!

New God Of War Gameplay Trailer Released. This Troll Looks So Badass!
While there isn't much in the video that is new (aside from that badass, heavy metal artwork looking troll!), the game releases on the 20th of April so this is more of a tease than a true update video. Nevertheless those skeptical of pre ordering or even purchasing this juggernaut of a title should watch the video as it does do a good job of showcasing some of God Of War's more standout assets, such as the open world exploration and the camera action during combat. You can check out the video below:

God of War - New Gameplay: Trolls, Exploration, and More | PS Underground

So, are you going to buy it? What are you looking forward to the most in this game?
Personally I can't wait to fight that badass troll!

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