New Game Mode For Guardians Of Ember

Feel like a challenge? Publisher InselGames adds a new mode to its hack’n’slash MMORPG Guardians of Ember today with Horde Mode. Players that reach level 10 can test their strength against a massive stream of monster waves.

Guardians of Ember horde mode has released
For players of Guardians of Ember, a new challenge awaits you in the all-new horde mode, which developers InselGames have recently added to the game.

With a selection of brave and noble friends, face waves of monsters, who have the ultimate goal of destroying the ember crystal. Once the crystal is destroyed or all the players are killed, the game is over. However, for the mighty few who can stand their ground, points are earned and can be traded in for high-end items within the game itself.

Guardians of Ember mixes hack'n'slash with a full MMORPG and is available via Steam Early Access. InselGames are now offering a week long 50% discount on the Demigod Edition (which includes added in-game content) to celebrate the launch of horde mode.

Check out our review of Guardians of Ember to get a better overview of the game.

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