New Game Approaches: Forest of Liars

Explore the mysterious and forever changing Forest Of Liars in this narrative adventure game currently being funded via Kickstarter. The game boasts beautifully charming visuals, simple gameplay and an intriguing narrative.

New Game Approaches: Forest of Liars
With the recent release of God Of War and the upcoming Dark Souls Remastered, it seems that players are going to have little bloodlust. With that said, it's very likely that many AAA companies will focus on high octane action this year to compete. But every now and then its good to just sit back, relax, and explore a narrative. That's where Forest Of Liars comes in.

This game looks to be the perfect contrast to the current AAA market and a true breath of fresh air. The game boasts stunning and unique graphics that will remind you of a hand drawn picture with rich details and what seems to be a very interesting story. It seems that the game is all about exploring the forest which promises to be always mysterious but sometimes a little forboding. The game some how reminds me of games loke Abzu or Journey only it seems like it has a little more meat to it. needless to say,  This is definitely one to look out for.​ You can check out the games Kickstarter campaign and you can the trailer down below:

Will you be checking this game out? Let us know how you feel about games like this!

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