New Dwarf legendary lord in Total War:Warhammer

The White Dwarf is a Warhammer icon and one of the most well-known faces of the franchise, bearing the name of the magazine that every Warhammer fan knows and loves and now it seems you'll be able not only to see him in action on the tabletop but also on the computer screen in Create Assembly's Total War: Warhammer.

New Dwarf hero in Total War: Warhammer
I love Warhammer. I practically lived in a Warhammer shop when I was in the UK. It was loads of fun, if a bit pricey. Fortunately for those of us with a little less money and free time on our hands, Creative Assembly has come out with Total War: Warhammer, which we've covered quite a bit in the past here at KeenGamer.  

Now the reason this is so exciting? Games Workshop (the owner and creator of the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k universe) have a magazine that they use to detail and promote their models from the tabletop version of the game, keeping the fans informed about stat changes, showing off new figures, or introducing some fun little piece of new lore. I can remember picking up a copy of this magazine when Age of Sigmar was announced to be replacing Warhammer Fantasy. The shop was absolutely packed and everyone was talking about it, thumbing eagerly through the pages. Now the name of this magazine? White Dwarf.

But who is this white dwarf, whose the man behind the beard? Well, his name is Grombrindal. He's about as Warhammer as it gets, Of course it was only natural that he eventually find his way from the tabletop to the digital realm. In-universe, he is a mysterious dwarven warrior who sometimes appears when dwarfs are stuck in a particularly great and terrible battle, hurling himself into the fray and assuring the eventual victory of the dwarvish people.

You can find a video of his arrival here, but be warned it doesn't show you much. Instead it's more of an announcement instead of a genuine trailer. But don't let that discourage you, because wait until you hear how you get him.

The only way to get him is to go out and get a key, from either a Games Workshop store or from an independent tabletop retailer that sells games workshop products. You can get this key starting October 28 up until January 3 (or until they run out of key cards). Now here's the fun part: If you get one of these keys, you get a 25% off voucher for the main game, which is great if you don't have Total War: Warhammer but are interested. All you need to do is find the nearest location and collect your code. If this isn't your style you can always wait and get him for free next year, but I think it's cleverer of Games Workshop to advertise the game like this.

You can bet I'll be picking up my free code this Friday.

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