New DBZ: Kakarot Update Lets You Revisit Missed Sub Quests

DBZ: Kakarot has been getting generally positive reception from fans who have played it, and soon they'll be able to enjoy a free update that's coming their way with an added time machine mechanic, as well as another sub quest featuring some classic characters!

New Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Update Lets You Revisit Missed Sub Quests

Announced via Bandai Namco UK’s Twitter, the free DBZ: Kakarot update which will soon be available includes a subquest featuring classic Dragon Ball characters Arale and Gatchan. Along with this new quest, the most notable addition would be the utilisation of the series’ featured time machine, which is a key story element in Dragon Ball Z’s Androids and Cell Sagas.

Players having access to the Time Machine will mean that even if their progression in the story has taken them to different worlds away from various quest-giving NPC’s, they’ll be able to use it to travel right back to the game map of a previously explored arc and get access to any sub quests they might have missed out on! 

No exact date has been provided yet for this update, but hopefully it’ll be soon given this is such an important mechanic.

This comes in addition to Bandai Namco’s massive 11 GB day-one patch they provided for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which included more sub stories, improved loading times and quality improvements. 

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the semi-open world RPG that revisits the story of Dragon Ball Z protagonist, Goku, released on the 17th of January 2020 to positive reception.

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