New DLC For Prey May Be On The Way

Looks like we should get ready for some new Prey material as the new list of achievements hint new DLC! This teasing has been going on for a while now with Arkane Studios releasing statements like ''Do we even know what’s out there?''. When will the teasing end!?

New DLC For Prey May Be On The Way
Recently Arkane Studios have been teasing us with the idea that something will soon be released regarding their title Prey. The most recent tease came in the form of a list of Steam achievements which seem to either set the scene for the next part of the story or reference an R.E.M. track… or both! as seen via Twitter by a user named @RobotBrush.

New DLC For Prey May Be On The Way: R.E.M.?  
While this seems to be the most potent tease from Arkane Studios, The hints have been going on for quite a while now such as various Reddit posts about Kasma Corporation, a competitor to Transtar (from Prey) and the strange tweet which said Do we really know what’s out there? with a gif of a Transtar banner next to the moon! All very exciting stuff for us Prey fans no doubt but it looks like it is safe to say that with new achievement leaks it's safe to say that this new content will be DLC rather than a new standalone game like some previously speculated. Are you excited for this new chapter? Or did you want the story to stop where it was left at? Let us know!

Oh and if you happen to miss Prey, this gameplay trailer should catch you up:

Prey – Official Gameplay Trailer

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