New Dino Crisis Was Allegedly Made Extinct By Capcom Japan

A new video report has claimed that Capcom Vancouver were pitching various re-imaginings for some of Capcom’s most iconic franchises, including a reboot of the cult classic Dino Crisis series back in 2014. Other series such as Resident Evil, Onimusha and Mega Man were also in consideration, as the report explores the troubled history of the studio leading up to its closure in 2018.

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The video titled “How Capcom’s Dead Rising Studio Fell Apart”, created by credible games industry reporter Liam Robertson and posted to the DidYouKnowGaming YouTube channel, reveals a number of interesting behind-the-scenes stories about Capcom Vancouver. The now-defunct studio, which was most know for developing the Dead Rising sequels, went through numerous tumultuous creative projects that never saw the light of day after their acquisition by Capcom Japan in 2010.

Perhaps the most interesting of these, and therefore the most heart-breaking, were a series of pitches to Capcom Japan regarding the development of new titles in some of their classic franchises. According to Robertson, these pitches took place sometime between 2013 and 2014, during the unsettled development for the ultimately underwhelming Dead Rising 4. Skip to the 12:40 mark in the video if you want to hear Robertson talk about this time in the studio’s history.

How Capcom's Dead Rising Studio Fell Apart - Game History Secrets

One of these re-imaginings was a new game in the fan-favourite survival-horror Dino Crisis series being planned for “modern hardware”. Dino Crisis hasn’t seen a new release since 2003’s Dino Crisis 3. Sadly, this reboot never made it past the pitching phase, as Capcom Japan showed little interest in the project.

Robertson: “Developers believed that [Capcom Japan] were unwilling to make the significant investment in new technology that the project would have required.”

Some of Capcom Vancouver’s other ideas included an action-focused spinoff to the Resident Evil series, called Resident Evil X, and a new game in the Onimusha and Mega Man series. However, the claim of a canned Dino Crisis game stings the most, as the series has been the least represented of those mentioned IPs in recent years.

The Dino Crisis series hasn't seen a new title for over 15 years.

The Dino Crisis series hasn’t seen a new title for over 15 years.

Capcom have certainly made a name for themselves in the past couple of years for re-imagining some of their older games, including full remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, as well as a rumoured remake of Resident Evil 4 coming down the line. Unfortunately, Dino Crisis fans will have to continue being patient for a new game in the series, with any plans regarding Capcom Vancouver’s reboot dying with the studio.

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