New Details and Release Date Announced for Mario Tennis Aces

The crowd goes wild as Mario and friends (and enemies) come together to play some of the most intense matches of tennis ever seen in the Mushroom Kingdom!

New Details and Release Date Announced for Mario Tennis Aces
At today's Nintendo Direct, new details were featured for Mario Tennis Aces, and it received the release date for June 22. There will also be a free pre-launch online tournament for the game.

While many fans were disappointed by the lack of depth or variety from the most recent game in the series, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash released in 2015 on Wii U, Aces seems to offer a lot more.

A new installment in the Mario Tennis series, Mario Tennis Aces features more than 15 characters, each of whom have their own specialties. One new notable addition to the cast is the adorable Chain Chomp, who holds the tennis racket in his mouth.

There are various techniques you can use on your opponent, with the new zone shots allowing you to use motion controls to aim at a specific place on the field. If you get hit by a zone shot too many times, your racket will break, counting as an instant K.O., although you can block it to protect your racket. Zone speed can be used to slow down time. Both "zone" moves take up the energy gauge to prevent spamming, which is built up more quickly with trick shots in which you jump over the ball to knock it back. Finally, there's the special shot that can only be used when your energy gauge is completely full, and has the potential to break the opponent's racket in one hit, although it can still be blocked. There are also "simple rules," in which only basic shots are allowed.

There is both local and online play with up to four characters. Online, tournaments are held, where you can win special in-game outfits or even additional characters for participating.

Reminiscent of Wii tennis from Wii Sports, there's also a "swing mode," where you can swing the Joy- Con like a tennis racket. How you swing determines the type of swing made in the game.

Before the game's launch, there will be a free online 1 vs. 1 tournament. The tournament's date and time will be announced in the future.

Mario Tennis Aces launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on June 22.

Mario Tennis Aces - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018

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