New Details and Gameplay for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

On the tails of it’s delay a few months ago, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will finally be in our hands in just a few months. With spooky season fast approaching, it's perfect timing for what could be the scariest installment yet. Dive into the new details and footage below.

New Details and Gameplay for The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope

Originally planned to release this summer, the second installment of The Dark Pictures Anthologies, Little Hope, is finally on the horizon. Delayed from its original date due to Covid-19, Supermassive Games and Publisher Bandai Namco have announced the release date as well as brand new gameplay footage. So make sure to mark your calendars for the big day, October 30th, 2020! 

Similar to Until Dawn and Man of Medan, Little Hope will be a tale full of twists, turns, and possible character deaths around every corner. Following a group of marooned college students, you must traverse through an eerie town while keeping everyone alive. Heavily drowned in Salem Witch Trial imagery, be prepared for some tense terror-filled moments.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope - Shared Story Mode Gameplay - PS4/XB1/PC

Pre-order The Dark Pictures: Little Hope and you will be gifted with early access to the Curator’s Cut mode. Take advantage of the shared co-op and movies night modes, or experience the horror on your own. Little Hope is available for pre-order on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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