New DDoS Attacks Emerge Against Titanfall Games

Respawn has revealed on Twitter that a new round of DDoS attacks against Titanfall and Titanfall 2 has been discovered. According to the developers, they are investigating the issue. This isn't the company's first run-in with DDoS problems.

New DDoS Attacks Emerge Against Titanfall Games cover

The Titanfall series has been in the news a lot recently. While this notoriety is mostly for good reasons, like its burgeoning player base, the game has come under siege from hackers. This has led Respawn to investigate new DDoS attacks against Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks aren’t just a problem for this series; they impact numerous online games. They can take various forms, such as limiting access to online gaming servers and allowing players to cheat in games. Regardless of the type of attack, the results often hurt both gamers and developers.

This isn’t a new issue for Respawn. The original Titanfall had numerous issues with DDoS back when it launched on Steam in 2020. A little over a month ago, the company acknowledged through a tweet that both games in the series were negatively impacted by hackers. They also promised that a fix was inbound. Unfortunately, the same problems seem to be cropping up again. 

These repeated assaults against the Titanfall series are obviously frustrating for the players trying to enjoy them. One reason contributing to this new wave of attacks could pertain to the series’ resurgence in popularity. Apex Legends has introduced new elements from these games into its lore. These include the reveals of mercenary pilots, Kuban Blisk and Viper, along with the unveiling of the Northstar class Titan. In addition, Respawn made Titanfall 2 free-to-play for a limited time before the new season of the Battle Royale game. 

It’s refreshing to see a game company care about two games that were released over four and seven years ago respectively. Nevertheless, it seems that it has become quite a challenge to thwart these attacks.

Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic Trailer

It will be interesting to see how Respawn deals with this newest round of DDoS attacks against Titanfall and Titanfall 2. However, the bigger question might be whether they can keep these issues from surfacing again in the future.

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