New Darksiders Genesis Trailer and Release Dates

Get ready to serve the council once again in Darksider Genesis, introducing cooperative play for 2 players while you help the horsemen War and Strife to carry on their mission in search of balance in creation. Darksiders Genesis has different release dates for PC, including Google Stadia and consoles.

Darksiders GenesisDarksiders Genesis has a new trailer titled “Not Alone” in which it announces its release date for the Google Stadia, on the 5th of December. 

The trailer introduces the fourth horseman, Strife, who’s been sent to sentence a demon to death with the help of his brother, War. Darksiders Genesis will be a cooperative game for two players, as opposed to previous entries of the franchise. 

Darksiders Genesis - 'Not Alone' Official Trailer | Coming to Stadia

Darksiders Genesis will be available for PC and Stadia on the 5th of December, and for consoles on the 14th of February, 2020. Fans of the franchise will finally be able to play a cooperative mode, which seems to be a big focus point for this title, with some cooperative mechanics seen in the trailer to be able to move forward. 

Darksiders Genesis is the fourth game in the franchise, that started almost ten years ago in 2010. The last title, Darksiders III came out in November 2018, making the release of Darksiders Genesis the fastest one, with just a waiting period of one year and eight days.

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