New Colors Arriving for PS5 Console Covers and Controllers

Want a change from a white PS5, perhaps pink or blue instead? From next month, you can alter the appearance of your PS5 with the release of some colorful new console covers. You can also get new DualSense wireless controllers in the same galaxy-themed colors.

New Colors Arriving for PS5 Console Covers and Controllers Cover

PlayStation 5 owners will soon get the opportunity to give their consoles a facelift. Coming in 2022 is a selection of brand-new console covers. The colors they come in are galaxy-inspired. There are 5 new covers: Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. Currently, PS5 consoles only come in white. Those wanting to upgrade their console’s appearance can do so by swapping out the original white covers. Switching covers is very simple. You simply remove the original covers and click the new ones into place. The new covers are available for PS5’s with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, as well as the Digital Edition. The covers will be sold separately from the consoles.

Also getting released for PS5 are some new-look DualSense wireless controllers. The colors of the controllers match those of the new covers. While Midnight Black and Cosmic Red controllers were released in June 2021, the other 3 colors will be made available in 2022.

The release dates of the console covers and controllers vary. Prices vary with region and product. The following covers/controllers release in the following order:

The new covers and controllers will be made available in most territories. Throughout the year, they will be made available in more territories. 

If you are a customer of and from the US, UK, France, and Germany, you get early access to some of these products. This includes:

  • Galactic Purple DualSense wireless controller: January 14
  • Midnight Black/Cosmic Red console covers: January 21

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