New Bioshock Game in Development, Made by New 2K Studio

Bioshock series publisher, 2K, has announced the founding of Cloud Chamber: a new studio working under the 2K label, existing to craft unique, entertaining and thoughtful video game experiences, including the next Bioshock game.

New Bioshock Game will be Made by a New 2K Studio

2K’s new studio, Cloud Chamber, will be based in two locations: Novato, California and Quebec, Montreal, marking the first Canadian office for a 2K studio. Most notably in the announcement, 2K shared that Cloud Chamber will be working on the latest iteration of the Bioshock franchise.

As we continue growing our product portfolio, we remain inspired by opportunities to invest further in our valuable IP, great people and their collective, long-term potential. . . BioShock is one of the most beloved, critically praised and highest-rated franchises of the last console generation. We can’t wait to see where its powerful narrative and iconic, first-person shooter gameplay head in the future with our new studio team at Cloud Chamber leading the charge. – David Ismailer, President of 2K

The fourth Bioshock title will now be in development for the next several years. According to the Cloud Chamber Studios website, their team already consist of veterans who’ve developed on Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. They’re looking to mix these experts in with new blood, promptly recruiting for developers in Montreal and the San Francisco area. 

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

The website also does well in expressing the team’s passion for the high-quality storytelling they aim to uphold: 

We believe in the beauty and strength of diversity in both the makeup of the studio and the nature of our thinking. We focus on open communication and overall well-being allowing each of us to strive for excellence in our work and happiness in our lives.

It’s already been over six years since the series’ last entry, Bioshock Infinite, came out and wow’d us all. We surely can’t wait to see the updates from this eager and loving team over the next few years.

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