New Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Reveals How Infernal Demons Will Change Combat

Another glimpse at some Bayonetta 3 gameplay was shown during today's Nintendo Direct. Only this time, it was a seven-minute trailer. Here's all the new information revealed about how we'll use infernal demons mid-battle in synergy with our favourite umbra witch.

New Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Reveals How Infernal Demons Will Change Combat

We can always count on the Nintendo Direct to bring something worth being excited about. Today, for fans of the famed witch, the new Bayonetta 3 gameplay trailer did exactly that. In fact, Nintendo showed not one, but two trailers during the direct. One tailored towards the story, and one focusing on the gameplay.

First, let’s dive into the new gameplay. In this third instalment, our titular character will be able to wield her infernal demons once again. However, these demons won’t be pulled out as a finishing move anymore, but as allies during the battle. You’ll be able to summon our beloved pact demons at will (so long as your magic metre can handle it!) and have them attack your foes. This means we’ll be summoning allies like Gomorrah and Madama Butterfly to aid us in destroying the new foes in town.

Bayonetta 3 – Bewitching action gameplay! (Nintendo Switch)

From the Bayonetta 3 gameplay trailer, it feels as if it’s leaning towards some more Devil May Cry 5 mechanics. More specifically using summons to attack mid-fight, which is something V was able to do. You can switch between using your demons and using Bayonetta (also known as Cereza) at will to unleash devastating team combos. Tearing enemies apart just got ten times more glamorous! Demon Masquerade is another new ability, shown during the first trailer. This allows Bayonetta to channel the power from her current weapon, transforming her appearance. She’ll then have a host of new visual effects and abilities to her moveset, allowing for even more choice in how you play the game.

We also got another glimpse at Viola, the new playable character. An umbra witch in training, her use of witch time comes through blocking enemy attacks. She can also summon her demonic friend, Cheshire, to aid her in battle. It’ll be interesting to see how a second playable character with a different moveset will feel. Again, it’s akin to Devil May Cry 5‘s three-hero story with Nero, Dante and V.

So, are you looking forward to Bayonetta 3 after seeing that gameplay? Let us know down below as we approach October 28th, when she’ll be arriving exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Bayonetta 3 – Nintendo Direct 9.13.22 – Nintendo Switch

SOURCE: Nintendo Direct – September 13th 2022

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